The Hub pilots seven projects implemented by differents CSOs 

Each cluster collaborate with the CSOs in charge of implementing the project. Cluster members help to provide maximum visibility and added value where possible. The aim is to pioneer a dynamic monitoring method along the course of implementation.


The 07 CSOs Pilots projects 

From October 27th to November 4th 2018, the Hub gathered for a first working session in Addis Ababa. Each thematic cluster proposed pilot project ideas. These 7 pilots will now be considered for implementation by CSOs, with EUR 10 million.

Governance, Accountability and Democratic Inclusion

A complement to the existing remittance transfer databases and a digital platform to enhance accountability.

Peace and Security

An online tool to enhance impact of stabilisation efforts in the Lake Chad Basin and strengthen coordination and accountability. 

Culture, Arts and Sports

A joint culture, arts, and sports festival (EU and AU based) to celebrate young creatives, and sportsmen/women, promote collaboration and enable access to investment.

Environment Preservation and Climate Change

A contribution to the Great Green Wall – Africa’s flagship initiative to slow the expansion of the Sahara Desert.


An Euro-African network of innovative secondary schools and key stakeholders to promote 21st century skills.       

Business, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

A “Co-Creation Lab” for African and European young entrepreneurs focussing on agribusiness and renewable energy.

Governance, Accountability and Democratic Inclusion

CSO: World Vision Ireland 

The project is a youth-led monitoring of local government commitments on climate action, linking two cities of Ireland and Tanzania. SAUTI-Youth is an original project that bridges and supports 1000+ youth in both countries to engage in governance accountability. The young people will be provided with skills to monitor their local government’s climate action commitments and spending and will be empowered to dialog with local authorities so that they take innovative actions to locally tackle this global challenge.

Affiliated partners: • World Vision Tanzania (WVTZA) • Youth Work Ireland Galway    •Local Youth organisations (names TBC)  • Local Authorities


CSO: Fundación Educación y Cooperación (Educo)

The project focuses on improving secondary education in Mali (a technical high school) and Spain (two high-schools). It will prepare students with life skills and leadership abilities to become active citizens and equip them with 21st century skills to be ready for the rapidly changing job market, involving students actively in the project monitoring and , enhancing the learning and teacher training with virtual and physical exchanges.

Affiliated partners : Réseau d’Acteurs pour le Renouveau de l’Education (RARE) • Réseau Ouest et Centre Africain de Recherche en Education (ROCARE) (siège au Mali) • Fundación canaria Farrah para la cooperación y el desarrollo sostenible (FARRAH) •Lycée technique de Ségou (Mali) Two Spanish schools: Colegio Heidelberg Gran Canaria and IES Arucas-Domingo Rivero 

Peace and Security

CSO : Plan International Deutschland

The pilot will develop an interactive platform mapping basic services and infrastructures in a given number of locations of the Lake Chad Basin region. The platform will be fuelled by young women and men, thereby enhancing monitoring of stabilisation projects and facilitating youth engagement locally.

Affiliated partners: • The Diffa Regional Youth Council (Niger)  Association des Jeunes Ambitieux de Mendeze (Cameroon) • Kaleri Youth Group (Nigeria) 

Business, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

CSOs : COSPE and Positive Planet International

“A Green start” job creation pilot project led across 5 countries in Africa with 8 incubators will focuss on accelerating entrepreneurs in agriculture and renewable energy; estimated to impact over 150 startups. Implemented by two consortia of Civil Society Organisations.

 Affiliated partners: • Enactus Tunisie • Association d’appui à l’économie sociale et solidaire Citess Mahdia • Association d’appui à l’économie sociale et solidaire Citess Sidi Bouzid • ONG Soleterre  • RAJ Tunisie • HUB  

• AGIRTanzania (WVTZA) • Youth Work Ireland Galway DIDA – Faculté de design de l’Université de Florence

Affiliated partners: • MakeSense Yeesal AgriHub • Impact HUB • Energy4Impact   • la Fabrique 

Culture, Arts and Sports

CSO : Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli – CISPI

A project putting in place a digital platform to enhance access to professional networks and market opportunities for young creatives, helping to turn passion into sustainable businesses. As part of the project, two cultural festivals will strengthen relations and cultural exchanges among African and European Youth.

Affiliated partners: • Somali Academy of Science and Arts (Somalia) • GoDown Arts Centre (Kenya) • CoopCulture (Italy) • Nätverkstan Kultur (Sweden)• UNESCO • Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Italy) • artists cooperative and platform (Italy/Europe)

Environment Preservation and Climate Change


In Niger and Burkina Faso and in the context of the Great Green Wall Initiative, an innovative agroforestry project will be developed involving local youth in regreening the Sahel. With a digital platform combining geo-mapping of the progress and payment for ecosystem service, this project will aim to pioneer both social and technological innovation.

Affiliated partners: • Réseau de la Jeunesse Nigérienne contre les Changements Climatiques (RJNCC) au Niger • Association d’Education Environnemental (A2E) au Burkina Faso • APEFE (Association pour la Promotion de l’Education et de la Formation à l’Etranger) au Burkina Faso IGMVSS au Niger • Coopérative Vimbaoré/Naam du Burkina Faso • Fédération Mooriben du Niger • Organisation Jeunesse Unie pour un Développement Durable (JUDEVD)• Oxfam Novib

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