Environment Preservation and Climate Change: Pilot projects




JESAC – Jeunesse Sahélienne pour

l’Action Climatique




Niger and Burkina Faso

In Niger and Burkina Faso and in the context of the Great Green Wall Initiative, an innovative agroforestry project will be developed involving local youth in regreening the Sahel. With a digital platform combining geo-mapping of the progress and payment for ecosystem service, this project will aim to pioneer both social and technological innovation.


Affiliated partners: • Réseau de la Jeunesse Nigérienne contre les Changements Climatiques (RJNCC) au Niger • Association d’Education Environnemental (A2E) au Burkina Faso • APEFE (Association pour la Promotion de l’Education et de la Formation à l’Etranger) au Burkina Faso IGMVSS au Niger • Coopérative Vimbaoré/Naam du Burkina Faso • Fédération Mooriben du Niger • Organisation Jeunesse Unie pour un Développement Durable (JUDEVD)• Oxfam Novib

Key Success Indicators


Burkina Faso Niger Total
Youth engaged proactively 114 293 12
Youth reached/affected  542 677 1259
Other actors affected 328 253 1807
Youth benefitting from Capacity Building 542 677 468
Types of community groups involved
Local Committees
Number of community groups
21 28 49
Web platform
PES in pilot testing phase. Website platform ready to be published soon
Amount of youth-managed land masses 91 ha 100 ha 191 ha 
Meetings with Regional technical services 14 14 18
Meetings with Mayors/ Duty bearers

4 9 10

Villages served/helped

32 21 49

Number of trees planted

9200 10500 19700

Project Gallery

Oxfam’s Project Jeunesse Sahélienne pour Action Climatique (JESAC) – Part 1
Oxfam’s Project Jeunesse Sahélienne pour Action Climatique (JESAC) – Part 2

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