We represent 30 nationalities from Africa, the European Union and the Diaspora

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub follows the 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit and the AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative, which involved African & European Youth in suggesting new ideas on six essential topics to the AU-EU Partnership, compiled in the Abidjan Youth Declaration and the AU-EU Youth Agenda.


  • Involve youth in reviewing the ideas that were suggested in the Youth Agenda

  • Further define the scope of these selected pilot projects

  • Enable these pilots through a €10 million Call for Proposals for Civil Society Organisations

  • Involve youth in monitoring the implementation of the pilot projects

When did it start ?

Two years ago, youth from Africa & Europe developed new ideas on six topics, essential to the AU-EU Partnership. The outcome (AU-EU Youth Declaration and Agenda) was presented at the 5th AU-EU Summit in Abidjan.

The AUxEU Youth Cooperation Hub is where African & European Youth THINK and ACT TOGETHER.

Launched in October 2018, The AUxEU Youth Cooperation Hub is about turning some of those ideas into reality; piloting them on a small scale but with maximum impact, visibility and result-evidence, with €10 million, +20 civil society organisations, and 50 Young Experts from both continents as core drivers.


By whom ?

Fifty 50 young people from both continents, aged between 20 and 35 years, were selected from over 3000 applications (following an open application process). These 50 Young Experts are the core drivers of the Hub. They contribute to define the scope of pilot projects, to be implemented by civil society organisations, and monitor their implementation.

What projects ?

For all the clusters -CAS, Education, Environment, Business, Governance, Peace & Security and Digital, the initiatives to be piloted are expected:

– to have the potential to bring Europe & Africa closer,

– to be people-centred, be visible,

– to have the potential of being scalable after the pilot phase,

– to prove successful.


The AU-EU Youth Hub ended 2019 with a first working session with the Civil Society Organisations who will implement the pilot projects. We also took part in the Paris Peace Forum which was a resounding success and included the official announcement of the CSOs joining the Hub.     


2020 marks the implementation phase : innovative ways of doing things on the ground, to bring Africa and Europe closer, with youth oversight!





The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is one of 119 projects selected to participate in the Paris Peace Forum 2018.

We had a special session arround the special Afro-European Initiative.

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